Johnny Depp’s money woes after squandering fortune and losing millions on libel trial

Hollywood actor Johnny Depp told a court in July he’d lost his £600m movie fortune and he now faces astronomical legal fees after losing his libel battle against the publishers of The Sun

Johnny Depp is facing further money woes after losing his libel battle against News Group Newspapers today.

It was announced today that Depp had lost the case after suing the publishers of The Sun for libel over a 2018 article which branded him a “wife-beater”.

During the trial in London this summer, Depp admitted he’d lost his £600 million movie fortune and had been left millions in debt.

The Guardian previously published a report estimating Depp has racked up around £5 million in legal fees just for work on this case.

If he’d won, Depp could have expected between £180,000 to £200,000 in damages

However, with the loss it’s expected Depp will have to cover the bulk of NGN’s legal fees as well as his own, with the costs running into the millions.

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