A spa in Los Angeles became the site of brutality this weekend after protests took place against a trans person … who allegedly revealed themselves to women in the female section.

Several people took to the streets of Koreatown Saturday for what you may consider anti-trans demonstrations … which were met by counter-protesters, with both groups clashing in violent ways — much of which was filmed and circulated online and made for crazy video.

Some of the counter-protesters were likened to “Antifa” — with a handful of them dressed head-to-toe in all black, while also covering their faces — but it’s hard to sort out who’s with who. All we know is that the counter-protesters were NOT having the anti-trans sentiments.

In addition to accosting/provoking some of the protesters, they also reportedly tore up signage that they apparently considered bigoted and discriminatory. On the flip side … some of the anti-trans demonstrators also allegedly threatened and/or committed violence themselves.

Antifa assault street preachers who tried to attend the Wi Spa protest in Los Angeles. Several people have been assaulted today but police don’t appear to be responding at all.

One person claims they had a Wi Spa protester pull a gun on them … and posted video of a man who appears to take a firearm out of a backpack, and then tuck it into his waistband. When asked what it’s for, he’s heard on camera saying … “Something to shoot you with.”

The chaos all stems from a now-viral video from last week that shows a woman confronting the Wi Spa staff over what she claimed was a man who was sitting naked in the women’s side of the spa … allegedly exposing his penis and genitals to adults and children alike.

The Wi Spa staff seems to be fine with it … explaining to her that they respect trans people’s rights — and that, apparently, includes letting ’em go to the part of the facility they feel most comfortable in. That didn’t sit well with this woman — who essentially said she felt violated.

She gets into with other patrons … some of whom tell her to pipe down and to have some respect, but she stands her ground — repeatedly saying the trans person had a “d***.”

Somebody appears to have been ID’d as the trans person in question — but it looks like folks might’ve jumped to conclusions, because they’ve denied being the individual from last week … but have been attacked and threatened (physically and online, it seems) nonetheless.

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