Rapper Mo Fayne’s song and dance about needing to get out of jail to fix a bum wing and send his daughter off to college didn’t fly … ’cause the judge just denied his request.

The “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” star had a hearing Monday in Georgia, where prosecutors argued Fayne should remain locked up behind bars until sentencing in his federal bank fraud cause … for which he’s already pled guilty.

For starters, prosecutors said Fayne should NOT be let out of jail because long before he was locked up he had already been looking for ways to finagle his way out of jail by Googling which countries he could head to without fear of extradition.

Prosecutors also said Fayne’s a hardcore fraudster who talked about swindling other people. They called him a menace and a danger to the public.

The judge shared the feds’ concerns about Fayne’s online travel search, as well as allegations he’d bragged to a witness he wouldn’t end up spending a day in jail.

Fayne’s been locked up since December after violating the terms of his bond for allegedly contacting a potential witness. He’s slated to be sentenced in September. Fayne pled guilty to 6 counts of federal bank fraud after prosecutors say he funded a lavish lifestyle during the pandemic with a Paycheck Protection Program loan. He’s accused of using the money to pay off debts, like child support.

Fayne claimed he wanted to get out of jail purely to organize his day-to-day household affairs before he’s sentenced, but the judge has now said no dice.

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