LIONEL MESSIUSED TISSUE HAS $1 MILLION PRICE TAG… Alleged Artifact From Barca Farewell Presser

Lionel Messi is worth so much money, even his boogers come with a hefty price tag — ’cause a tissue he allegedly used earlier this month is on sale for a staggering $1 MILLION!!!

According to multiple reports, the person who snagged the handkerchief that Messi used during his Barcelona farewell press conference back on Aug. 8 has now listed it on an international auction site for a small fortune.

lionel messi tissue
In the listing, per Rojak Daily, the seller claimed the tissue contained Messi’s “genetic material” … and therefore could potentially be used to someday clone the soccer superstar.

Ethics aside, the seller seemed to believe that potential was worth the massive asking price.

Of course, unclear if there are any serious potential buyers … ’cause, after all, the item — while certainly historic — is super gross.

At Messi’s newser, he wiped his nose and his eyes multiple times with the tissue … and yeah, probably not something worth sinking $1 million into.

Then again, can you put a price tag on creating multiple Messi’s …

If not, hope ya got plenty of cash lying around!!

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