Matt Damon Reveals He Has a Secret Instagram Account and the Same Tattoo as Heath Ledger

Matt Damon may not have any public social media accounts, but that doesn’t mean the 50-year-old actor isn’t keeping up with his family and friends online.

In a new cover story for GQ, Damon reveals that he has “a very private Instagram account.”

“I have 76 followers and I’ve done 40 posts since 2013,” he shares, noting that his last photo was on his daughter Isabella’s 15th birthday in which she is holding up two middle fingers.

“That’s what she’s been doing every time we take a picture of her nowadays,” he quips.

Damon also opens up about the tattoos of his daughters’ names, revealing that the interesting ink above them on his arm is inspired by the late Heath Ledger.

Damon’s wife, Luciana Barroso, knew the late actor and when they decided to get inked in 2013 by Ledger’s tattoo artist, Scott Campbell, Damon decided to get a tattoo identical to one Ledger had.

“I just wanted to get something that Heath had,” Damon explains. “Scott showed me his laptop and I said, ‘Scott, what’s that one?’ And he goes ‘I have no idea—I think that’s just some s**t that Heath squiggled.’ And I went, ‘That’s the one I want.’ ”

His wife got the same tattoo on her foot.

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