Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly are one and the same … at least when it comes to their getups.

MF and MGK were out in SoHo, NY Wednesday rocking matching outfits — white graphic t-shirts and black leather pants — while posing for a photo. Doesn’t appear to be an official shoot or anything but in any case … they definitely planned to be on the same fashion page.

As for what sorta designer they might’ve been rocking — unclear, but we’re told they were on the same block as a Zadig & Voltaire store … so maybe they’d just come from a shopping trip. Eyewitnesses say they were simply posing for someone who had an iPhone out.

Goes to show these two are about as inseparable and united as ever — the love fest has been going strong for well over a year now … and they’re still tied at the hip.

We’ve often seen them complementing each other’s threads — be it for a caj outing, a sporting event or even something more formal, like a red carpet appearance.

MGK and Fox aren’t the only celebs to coordinate gear lately … Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez did the same on a shopping trip out in L.A. recently.

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