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  • Techniques In Measuring Blood Glucose Level

    The machine in checking blood glucose level is called glucometer.

    Here is the basic way to check your blood pressure:
    1. Sit the patients down, ask question on if he /she has eaten to identify (FBS-fasting blood sugar or RBS –Random…

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  • Selection Of Food For Diabetic Patients

    When selecting food for diabetics patients –for carbohydrates choose complex carbonhydrate rather than simple carbohydrate . This is because the complex carbohydrate has low glycemic index and are food of fiber .

    Glycemic index means the rate at which glucose…

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  • The Danger of Rhesus Factor Incompatibility (Miscarriage)


    Is the leading cause of miscarriage, not your village people and she is not a witch. Its actually incompatibility of rhesus factor between partners ( Rh Factor).

    What is Rhesus factor?
    Is a protein that exists on the surface of the…

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  • Four Ways To Say A Big No To Drug Addiction


    Something you do or take regularly without stop is very hard to stop and say no to the urge when it rises . Urge are relentless , finding you at your weakes t point and try to make you…

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  • Must Read –Effective Rabies

    What Are Rabies ?

    Well, they come from the bite of a wide dog ,wolf. Other domestic animals can also spread it. These disease also affects animals which help to spread it and infect humans .

    Signs in animals :
    • Acts…

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  • Bald Heads: Reasons Behind it

    I’ve always wanted to know about bald heads, it’s meaning and what causes it, well , its far but before you to go through

    Have you heard?

    The bald actually signifies authority, toughness, control and dominance. It’s simply the loss of…

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  • What You Don’t Know About Dimples

    You’ll agree with me that dimples are pretty and attractive and adorable. I wish I had them, but anyway I’m still pretty without them.

    Dimples are genetic and are dominant because if both parents have it, there is possibility of…

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