Mike Posner – Three Thoughts on Inner Happiness

Mike Posner’s Three Thoughts on Inner Happiness

“I just wanna unwind everything that makes me feel confined,” sings Mike Posner in his new video for “Song About You.” That thought kind of parallels the POV that the “I Took a Pill in Ibiza” singer put forward in our exclusive interview with him. Part of our ‘Three Thoughts’ series, this latest chat finds Posner explaining how crucial it is to reinvent yourself every few years. “Every two years or so I like to shatter the definition I’ve made for myself,” he explains. Posner recent gave up his cool guy LA existence for life on the road, literally living out of a van with a bed in the back. He’s known for his incisive candor; check “I suck at girls” from his latest album, ‘Tear Drops and Balloons.’ His search for true self is a fascinating first-hand profile. “For me it’s a peeling back of layers, and getting to who I really am.” Don’t miss his full explanation of finding inner happiness.

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