Missed out on the rally? One investment bank says try these ‘cheap’ stocks

Investment bank Berenberg has picked a raft of “cheap” U.S. and global stocks that are set to rally, catching up with the rest of the market.

Global stocks have surged by around 80% from their March 2020 lows, a gain not seen in U.S. equities since the 1970s, according to Berenberg. Stock markets have stalled in recent weeks but analysts from UBS anticipate they can continue to climb.

Berenberg’s analysts picked stocks they perceived as cheap — with more than a 3% dividend yield and strong earnings per share (EPS) growth — and consider them to have been “left behind in the cyclical rally and are due to catch up.” Cyclical stocks are those whose prices tend to move with economic fluctuations.

Berenberg’s “cheap” stock picks include:

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