Courtney Tillia — a former teacher-turned-OnlyFans star — is expecting to take a financial hit when the platform bans porn in about a month, but even as a last resort, she won’t go back to schooling kids.

She’s befuddled the company that built its subscription-based success on the back of sex workers is now hanging them out to dry by removing porn on October 1.

In her short time on OnlyFans, the former special education teacher tells us she’s earned a high 6-figure salary, raking in between $20k and $100k per month with around 18,000 subscribers.

Courtney says she’s confused about what exactly will be banned, but she’s sure it’ll be bad news for her and other OnlyFans entrepreneurs like herself … who make big money selling naked photos and porn.

She tells us money used to be tight when she was a teacher, but now she’s been able to do much more than just make ends meet — she’s bought new cars, a new home and traveled extensively.

Courtney tells us she has other sources of income — like her life coaching biz — but isn’t afraid to admit OnlyFans was the bulk of her income. That being said, she’s dead set against returning to a classroom.

So, what’s next? Courtney says she’s got about a month to figure it out, but the clock’s ticking … for her and thousands in the same shoes.

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