ROBERT DURST1ST MUG SHOT …Since State Prison Transfer

Robert Durst is looking worse for wear since being shipped off to a California prison facility — and based on how he’s looking here … he ain’t gonna be in a cell for a long while.

The recently-convicted NY real estate scion posed for his first mug shot Thursday while apparently in a hospital bed of some sort. In the photo, you can see Durst with his face mask pulled down to his chin … and him solemnly looking into the camera.

Obviously, he appears quite frail and ill … as he has been for some time now, but this is especially bad. Remember, the guy is recovering from a COVID-19 diagnosis that came down some 2 weeks ago, which saw him have to be relegated to a ventilator for oxygen.

As for where Durst is now … he’s been transferred from the L.A. County jail system to the California Health Care Facility in Stockton — which is part of the CA state prison system, and which takes in and attends to their most health-impaired inmates.

Durst was taken to Stockton on Wednesday.

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Durst was found guilty of murdering his friend, Susan Berman, just a few weeks ago — and was handed a life sentence as a result.

Berman’s killing is believed to have been tied to the 1982 disappearance of his then-wife, Kathy, whom many believed was also offed by Durst … albeit, he was never officially implicated, until last week.

It appears prosecutors think they finally have the goods to pin him to the crime — ’cause they filed charges against him after all these years … so that case will play out in the future.

The guy’s 78 years old, BTW.

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