Selfmade Woman Conference 2021: submit your business plans

On Saturday, June 19th at the 2021 Selfmade Woman Conference, some ladies will be asked to pitch their business plans to a live audience (that would be fun, right? Lol). And the winners will automatically be given grants to help with their businesses but you have to have an established business already, no matter how small scale.

If you’re interested in pitching your idea at the event, send us an email at and give us an idea of what kind of business you run and how much you need to scale up a little.

selfmadewomanconference2021 will take place at the Balmoral Hall of the Federal Palace Hotel, on Saturday June 19th. The event is brought to you by @ecobank_nigeria

Don’t forget to click in link in my IG bio to register for the conference! Much love

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