Soulja Boy heard Aaron Carter call him out loud and clear … firing back at the pop star with some fighting words of his own … saying, “I’ll beat the candy out his pockets!!”

But, it isn’t just talk … has learned there is a legit offer on the table for both guys to step in the ring and duke it out!!

Of course, the “That’s How I Beat Shaq” crooner told us last week he’d be down to step in the ring again … saying he’d rip the rapper apart.

33-year-old AC added he felt 31-year-old Soulja would never respond … claiming he feels threatened by all his success and wouldn’t want to be embarrassed with a big L.

But the “Pretty Boy Swag” MC wasted no time clapping back at Carter on social media … and yeah, the dude went OFF.

Sources close to the situation tell us Celebrity Boxing has reached out to Soulja in hopes of making a deal happen … but so far, he hasn’t responded.

Remember, AC accepted a challenge against Lamar Odom earlier this year … but came up short and got knocked out in the 2nd round.

Soulja has flirted with taking boxing matches in the past — he almost entered the ring with Chris Brown in 2017 … and more recently, went back and forth with Jake Paul.

Both Carter and Soulja both seem confident in coming out on top if they were going to face off in a bout … but there’s really only one way to find out.

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