Steph Curry stared death in the eye once again — with the NBA superstar finally getting his sparring rematch against Canelo Alvarez … and shock, shock — it ended in a big, fat L!!

Remember, Curry first faced off against the boxing champ a year ago — when he playfully squared up with Alvarez at the celeb American Century Championship tournament in Lake Tahoe.

33-year-old Curry narrowly escaped catastrophe in their initial encounter, and the dude never got over it … ’cause when he peeped Canelo at the Edgewood Tahoe resort on Wednesday, it was ON!!

The 2 tangoed for about 10 seconds, with Curry throwing a quick jab before getting caught with the 30-year-old’s fast counter … and just like that, rematch OVER!!!

“I tried the champ Canelo again,” Curry said afterward. “It didn’t go well again!”

But, Chef Curry had a few takeaways to go home with this time around … saying, “Footwork was solid though just saying. #stayinmyweightclass.”

Curry was definitely moving compared to last year’s match where he looked stiff and didn’t throw any punches .. so, definitely an improvement.

Let’s see if a Curry-Alvarez trilogy happens next year .. ’cause third times a charm, right?

Don’t hold your breath, bro … but at least the guys are havin’ a lot of fun on the links!!

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