Stephen Jackson says “the tears will go away” when it comes to George Floyd … with the ex-NBAer breaking down as he opened up about his close friend’s death.

Of course, Jackson and Floyd grew up together in Houston, TX … and Stak often referred to him as his “twin.”

Jackson — who has been at the forefront of the social justice movement since Floyd’s death in May 2020 — described his emotions a year later … and it’s heartbreaking.

“The tears will never go away because I really lost family,” Stak said on the “Charges With Rex Chapman” podcast.

“My momma will tell you. She even thought that was her son at times when she saw him. That’s how much we looked alike.”

“It just took me back to that place for a second, man. These tears are not fake. They’re real, so when I feel it, they come out.”

Jackson’s “All The Smoke” podcast co-host Matt Barnes reflected on the protests that broke out throughout the country following the tragedy … and said it’s time to keep pushing the message even further.

“It’s not white vs. Black, Black vs. Asian, white vs. Mexican,” Barnes said. “It’s love vs. hate because again, hate comes in all shapes, forms and colors.”

“We fought, we rioted, we burned things down and that’s got a little bit of attention. But, now that they’re actually listening, what are we gonna do with our minds to help better, not only us but our kids’ future.”

Derek Chauvin — the Minneapolis cop who kept his knee on Floyd’s neck during the incident — was just sentenced to 22.5 years in prison … but as Jackson said last week, it won’t bring his friend back.

Stak also gives Barnes his flowers during the powerful moment … saying the ex-NBAer continues to help him fight for Floyd — with or without the cameras around.

“That’s why I love Matt so much because those people are nowhere around now. I’m still doing the work.”

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