Boxing legend Shane Mosley wagered $1,000,000 on himself, betting he’d BEAT Canelo Alvarez in 2012 … but unfortunately for Sugar, he not only lost the fight, he netted a NEGATIVE $400K in the process!!

The 50-year-old, former multiple-weight class world champion sat down with Mario Lopez for Triller’s “OK Bet” show … and made the stunning admission.

“They were gonna pay me $600,000 [for the Alvarez fight], but I made a bet for a million dollars that I was gonna beat Canelo, and if I would’ve won I’d have $6 million,” Shane recounts.

“I was thinking this snot nose kid is not gonna beat me, you know at 154 (lbs).”

Sadly for Shane’s bank account, he was wrong … and instead of making millions like he would’ve with a win, he actually LOST hundreds of thousands of George Washington’s after paying off his debt.

“I bet a million dollars and I lost so I ended up having to pay back 400,000 dollars. For getting my butt kicked I had to pay $400,000.”

If you don’t remember the May 2012 fight … then-40-year-old Mosley took on a 21-year-old Canelo at the MGM in Las Vegas.

Alvarez was 40-0-1 at the time … and held the lightweight title. But, Mosley, who’d won just 2 of his last 6 fights, and was nearing the end of his great career, believed he still had enough left in the tank to get the W.

After 12 rounds, Mosley ended up losing a 1-sided decision to the future top pound-for-pound fighter in the world … with 2 judges scoring the bout 119-109, and the other, 118-110.

Shane retired 5 fights later in 2016. Since, the legendary pugilist has been inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame.


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