That Girl Lay Lay — a 14-year-old rapper who just landed her own Nickelodeon series — is calling out Kim Kardashian for allegedly demanding she take down a TikTok … but sources close to Kim and Kanye are questioning the motives behind the video.

Yup, Kim and Kanye have smoke with a teenager. It’s come to this. 🤷🏽‍♂️

Here’s the backstory … TGLL shared a TikTok vid that shows a 6-year-old daughter, North West, hanging out while the young rapper lays down one of her tracks.

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Shortly afterward, Lay Lay claimed Kim texted her demanding she take down the clip, and she had no idea why. A rep for the rapper tells TMZ … Lay Lay feels hurt, and wants Kim to let her repost the vid because she doesn’t think there’s any good reason to take it down.

However, a source close to Kim and Kanye say they never gave permission for their 6-year-old to be featured in the music video, and believe Lay Lay’s team used the old footage of North for publicity.

We’re told Lay Lay’s father asked Kim and Kanye months ago for permission to use the footage of North, but hadn’t heard back by July … so they decided to post it, thinking it would be no biggie because they had approved another video in the past.

For context, the video was shot in March 2020 … when Kim was taking some heat for not crediting another young artist, ZaZa, when North performed one of her songs at Paris Fashion Week. We’re told Lay Lay now believes Kim only set up that first meeting, and subsequent TikTok as damage control for what happened with ZaZa.

Our Kim and Kanye source says that couldn’t be further from the truth, and say it was simply supposed to be a play date … and now they feel taken advantage of.

The source continues, “Lay Lay’s dad refuses to release the music video without footage of North because he is clearly trying to use her image as a source of publicity which is why North’s parents have an issue to begin with. It’s a matter of principle at this point and the answer is still no. He cannot use footage that was filmed of North taken inside her home during what should have been an innocent child’s play date for commercial purposes.”

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As for Lay Lay’s claim Kim texted her directly to take the video down? We’re told that was Tracy Romulus, Kim’s friend and the CMO of KKW Brands.

Lay Lay’s rep tells us she feels this was only done because Kim isn’t benefitting from the TikTok this time. We’re told the 14-year-old is having a hard time dealing with it.

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