The security guards at the Kardashians’ exclusive gated community are working overtime … ’cause learned they caught another man who showed up looking for them before he was corralled and arrested.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ … at around 11 PM last week a 33-year-old man drove up to the gates that lead to the exclusive neighborhood in the Calabasas area. We’re told the man told the guards he wanted to see the Kardashians, but didn’t specify which one.

Didn’t matter … ’cause they shooed him away. Problem is … a short time later the man was walking inside the gated community. It appears he hopped over a wall or fence to get inside.

It didn’t take long for security to zero in and detain him while they waited for police. The man was arrested for trespassing and booked by the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department.

If there ever was a silver lining to these stories it’s this … our sources say the man never made it close to any of the Kardashians’ residences. And, btw, we’re told the 33-year-old man who was arrested is NOT one of the two previous trespassers that recently drove Kendall away from her home.

As we reported … Kendall needed not one but TWO restraining orders after 2 different men showed up to her pad. One of the men allegedly went for a naked swim while the other allegedly threatened to gun her down.

Kendall’s since beefed up her security.

All that said … what’s the deal with these gated communities where so many trespassers are able to enter?

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