‘The Masked Singer’ Season 6: The Wildest Performances and Biggest Clues of Week 4!

The Masked Singer returns on Wednesday with exciting new performances from the remaining members of Group A! ET is following along throughout the entire show to break down all the biggest moments, best performances and most revealing clues.

This season of Fox’s smash hit reality competition series brought back its stalwart panel of celebrity “detectives” — including Robin Thicke, Nicole Scherzinger, Ken Jeong and Jenny McCarthy — as well as longtime host Nick Cannon, who are all doing their best to figure out what celebs are under the elaborate costumes before they have to unmask.

After last week introduced us to the impressive talent and singers from Group B, we’re going back to the four remaining hopefuls of Group A — The Bull, The Skunk, The Hamster and The Baby — and we’ll be meeting a brand new wildcard contestant!

The fun begins at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Fox, so watch and follow along as we delve into the glorious madness and bizarre, captivating chaos that is The Masked Singer season 6!

6:02 PM: After all the difficulty of removing the head, it turns out The Baby is actually Larry the Cable Guy!
“Are you not entertained?!” Larry exclaims!

“We said his name so many times, and now he finally showed up in a baby costume!” Nick says, with a laugh.

“This is actually the first time I’ve ever sang anything in front of anybody,” Larry shares, after explaining that he figured Jenny would know it was him, since they starred together in a movie. But she didn’t!

Larry closes out the wackiest show of the season thus far with an unmasked performance of “(Meet) the Flintstones.”

FIrst Impressions and Finals Guesses
5:59 PM: Robin’s First Impression: Chuck Norris
Robin’s Final Guess: Chuck Norris
Nicole’s First Impression: Michael Caine
Nicole’s Final Guess: James Corden

Ken’s First Impression: Hugh Jackman
Ken’s Final Guess: Gordon Ramsay

Jenny’s First Impression: Kurt Russell
Jenny’s Final Guess: Bruce Willis

It’s Time To Vote
5:56 PM: Once again, it’s everyone’s least favorite time — voting time.
Most weeks, it can be kind of hard to tell who’s gonna get the axe, but based on the confused audience reactions it seems like The Baby’s time has come to an end for this season.

After the all the votes are cast, the singer who gets the axe is, indeed, The Baby.

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