Tinx Talks Kardashians, Explains Her Famous Dating Theories and How She Became TikTok’s Big Sister

Meet the latest one-name talent to captivate the hearts of millions around the world: Tinx!

Christina “Tinx” Najjar is a 30-year-old social media phenom who achieved internet superstardom in just under a year. How? It’s all thanks to her fresh perspective, relatable charm and quick-witted sense of humor seen in videos across her TikTok and Instagram accounts — which has earned her the affectionate nickname of “TikTok’s big sister.”

“It’s incredible. It’s honestly such an honor,” Tinx, a Stanford graduate, gushes to ET as her face lights up when asked how that title feels. “I always wanted a big sister myself, so the fact that people are calling me their big sister, I’m honored and it feels great. And I love it. I do feel like they’re all my little sisters out there. My mom always jokes, she’s like, ‘I feel like you’re the president of this really big imaginary sorority.’ And I’m like, ‘Yeah, kind of!’”

Chances are, you’ve seen a video or two of Tinx before, diving into her fascination with “rich mom culture” by creating “starter packs” for moms living in different cities. Or perhaps you’ve seen some of the other niche content she shares, tackling the signature tenets of “Tinx culture,” which includes lighter fare like Botox, dating woes, spicy margaritas, rotisserie chicken, the Kardashians and traveling. But that’s not all — Tinx gracefully strikes a balance by sharing her insight, wisdom and personal experience with topics that many struggle with: anxiety, body image, sex-positivity and the importance of always being kind to yourself and others. Regardless of the subject or tone, Tinx’s strong sense of authenticity shines through in every video, which in turn, as of May 2021, has amassed her over 1.2 million loyal followers on TikTok alone.

Tinx joins ET for a wide-ranging interview via Zoom on a Thursday from her LA home. The American-born and British-raised star looks effortlessly chic in a royal blue sleeveless collared top with her hair neatly pulled back, accented by her dainty jewelry and beautiful smile. She answers every question with a certain bright-eyed zeal, starting with the beginning of her journey into social media, which began in May 2020.

“I always tell my followers, ‘If you haven’t found your thing yet and you’re in your young twenties, don’t worry. I’m 30 now. I found my passion when I was 29,’” she shares. “Like so many people, I downloaded TikTok in quarantine, and before that, I was a writer and I never thought of myself as an on-camera person, but I was like, ‘You know what? I’m loving TikTok. I might as well try to make some things and make a few videos.’ And as soon as I made my first video, I knew that that is what I was supposed to do for the rest of my life.’”

While many creators often make videos with a goal of being able to do it full time, Tinx says that thought never crossed her mind. “I think that was a big secret to why it felt so natural, is that I had no expectations. I was making content that I wanted to see and it resonated with people and I feel so grateful for that and it’s been a really wild year ever since.”

Tinx recalls the TikTok community being “very welcoming” from the get-go, and explains why she chose that platform specifically to house her videos. “There’s a low barrier to entry. So TikTok is less about looking perfect and getting the perfect shot and having your hair look great. It’s more about your idea. It’s more about, ‘Is your video funny? Is your video informative? Are you being real? Are you being authentic?’ And I think that’s why I thought, ‘I can give this a go.’ And I literally started [making videos] in hoodies and I would even wear sunglasses sometimes because I was like, ‘I don’t care,’ and I feel the reaction to people on TikTok, they don’t mind that I look like a mess. They’re just interested in my hot take on the latest [Keeping Up With the Kardashians] episode or my review of a certain beauty product.” She concludes her thought on a self-deprecating note, exclaiming, “Thank God, because if I had built my platform on looks, I mean, I get dressed up for my friends’ weddings, but other than that, it’s workout gear and shorts!”

Every successful creator has a moment where a single video takes off in a unique and special way, and lets them know they’re onto something. For Tinx, that video came at the intersection of her Kardashian obsession and passion for a delicious salad.

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