Top Chef’ Alum Shirley Chung Shares Her Family-Inspired Recipe for Scallion Pancakes

Chef Shirley Chung is sharing a personal family-inspired recipe!

The Top Chefseason 14 runner-up and Beijing native knows that food brings families and different cultures together. Chef Chung, who first competed in Season 11 of the cooking reality show and came in third place, grew up in the kitchen and blending her Chinese and American background to make delicious cuisines.

“My cooking style is based on the flavors and dishes that I grew up around and grew into… from traditional Northern Chinese noodles and dumplings to Beijing’s unique melting pot of all eight Chinese regional cuisines,” Chef Chung tells ET. “And as a professional chef on the West Coast I have the luxury of being able to incorporate an abundant amount of fresh produce into a melting pot of international flavors … my heritage cooking reflects old traditions blended with my new experiences.”

In celebration of Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, Chef Chung shares the recipe to make her Scallion Pancakes With Hazelnut Pesto.

“When I was growing up, I used to bug my mom or grandma to make scallion pancakes for me. They were always a special treat and were my ultimate comfort food,” she shares. “Now, I pair my hot scallion pancakes with pesto and Italian cured meats creating a perfect salty and savory dish. It even became a staple dish at my family’s Thanksgiving feast at my home.”

“I learned how to make traditional scallion pancakes from my mom and grandma. But I came to love hazelnut pesto from years of cooking Italian food professionally and I found that the two paired perfectly together,” she adds. “If you’re not familiar with scallion pancakes, they have been around for thousands of years and like the result of a pizza and croissant having a baby – savory and round but filled with layers.”

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