TRAVIS KELCEI MIGHT GO BEARD-LESS ALL YEAR… ‘Sometimes You Gotta See Your Face!!!’

To all those Chiefs fans who ain’t feeling Travis Kelce’s new baby-face look, we’re sorry in advance … ’cause the K.C., he might go beard-less — ALL YEAR!!!

The 31-year-old broke down the plans for his facial fuzz out at LAX this week … saying even though he got roasted for whipping out the razor recently — he might just keep the fresh-faced drip all season.

What’s interesting, though … Kelce actually had some stubble going when we got him — but he insisted that was merely a temporary thing.

“Nah, I haven’t got a cut in a while,” Kelce told us.

As for why he initially decided to trim his famous fur — which he’s become known for in his rise to NFL stardom in Kansas City — he said bluntly, “Sometimes you gotta see your face!”

When we asked if he planned to keep that mentality all season, he added … “We’ll see!”

Beard or not … we’re pretty sure Kelce’s going to ball out this season — and he clearly feels the same way, telling us before jetting away from the airport, “We gon’ get after it, baby!”

We certainly don’t doubt it.

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