“I am personally responsible for all of Gable Steveson’s right business decisions in his life and his gold medal and his Hodge trophy and his NCAA Division 1 Heavyweight championship.”

Welp, that’s wrestling legend Paul Heyman claiming ALL credit for everything positive the newly signed WWE superstar has done, telling Adam Glyn he’s been behind it all.

“I had everything with Gable Steveson winning the Olympic gold medal. I arranged for Gable Steveson to train with Brock Lesnar at the University of Minnesota, which helped Gable Steveson win the NCAA Division 1 Heavyweight championship. Then he used my strategy to win the gold medal in the Olympics.”

FYI, Gable won gold in Freestyle Wrestling at the Tokyo Olympics.

Heyman — currently the special counsel for WWE Universal champ, Roman Reigns — worked with Lesnar for years.

Of course, 21-year-old Steveson had a bunch of options after the Olympics … but opted to sign a contract with WWE.

So, how does Heyman think Gable will fare in the squared circle?

“Now, we’ll see how he does in WWE. He’s not at quite the level of a Ronda Rousey or a Brock Lesnar, certainly not of the Tribal Chief, Roman Reigns.”

“So far, Gable Steveson understands to listen to the wise man and he’s doing alright with that counsel.”

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