🍌 Can Eating This Cure Your Erectile Dysfunction? – by Dr Sam Robbins

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🍌 Can Eating This Cure Your Erectile Dysfunction?

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I’ve had a few people constantly ask me if eating watermelon can fix, reverse and even β€œcure” erectile dysfunction? If this is true or just some myth?

Well… the truth is that, NO this is NOT a β€œcure” for erectile dysfunction. Far from it.

However, it is true that a substance in watermelon can improve your erections by increasing your blood flow, directly to the penis, with higher levels of Nitric Oxide.

And this is done because watermelon contains an amino acid called L-Citrulline1, which converts to and metabolizes to another amino acid called L-Arginine … Both of which can increase Nitric Oxide levels and thus, improve blood flow to your penis.

However, to really make this work – you’d have to ingest at least 5 big watermelons daily (the pulp AND the juice) to get the required 10-15 GRAMS (10,000+ milligrams) of L-Citrulline.

Obviously, nobody is going to eat this much watermelon, let alone daily.

So, this is the first problem and why, eating this fruit won’t work.

It’s much easier to just take L-Citrulline and Arginine in supplement powder form — which by the way, takes like crap!!!

Taking it in pill form will extremely expensive, thus why I suggested powder.

Problem #2 that most people don’t know is that when you take L-Citrulline and/or Arginine, your Prolactin levels ALSO increase.

Prolactin would be considered a β€œfemale” hormone, even though both men and women produce it.

However, in women, Prolactin shoots up after birth, to produce milk to feed the baby.

In men and in women, prolactin causes
breasts to grow (man-boobs!),
it lowers testosterone,
it causes zits
hair loss/balding ………
AND it decreases sex drive and causes impotence!!!

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