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🍽️ Myth #2: Carbs Make You Fat – Top 10 Biggest Myths & Lies About Weight Loss

This video continues with my multi-part series about the 10 Biggest Myths & Lies About Weight Loss” with myth #2, that “Carbs Make You Fat”

Yes, it’s true that “low-carb” diets help with weight loss (9, 10). And this is partly because
Carbs make you retain more water, so the “weight” you lose, is initially just water weight and thus, it doesn’t really count. It’s not FAT loss, just “weight” loss.
By eating less carbs, most people just end up eating less food and calories, especially the processed, “yummy” foods that are generally high in carbohydrates. So again, it’s not specifically because of eating less carb calories that you lose weight.

The truth is that, simply eating less calories will help anyone lose weight initially.

What you want is long-term FAT loss. You don’t want to lose “weight” which is water weight or worse, muscle loss. So, let’s make this very clear.

However, carbohydrates do NOT make you fat, it’s high insulin levels that causes the fat gain.
And insulin gets secreted in high amounts, when your blood sugar goes up … And that happens when you eat refined sugars, processed carbs and basically, high glycemic/load foods.

For example, 200 calories of corn flakes, has a very high glycemic index and load, the same as table sugar – which is 100.

So, your blood sugar goes up dramatically, your body then secretes lots of insulin to help lower the high blood sugar back to normal … and now the foods gets STORED as body fat.

Yet, the same 200 calories from beans has a much lower glycemic index/load, which is about 35. So, there’s a much lower raise in blood sugar and insulin and thus, the food isn’t stored as body fat.

Again, what matters is the TYPE of carbs, not just total carbohydrates.

In fact, low carb diets lead to a slowing of your thyroid production and thus, slower metabolism.

Again, all of these weight loss problems stem from an imbalance in your hormones. Which I explain in further detail in a short video where you’ll discover why 93% of diet and exercise programs fail and how you can quickly turn ONE your “fat burning hormones”.

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🍽️ Myth #2: Carbs Make You Fat – Top 10 Biggest Myths & Lies About Weight Loss

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