👀 Doctor Reveals Ways For Eliminating Acne, Zits & Pimples From Your Face & Body – by Dr Sam Robbins

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👀 Doctor Reveals Ways For Eliminating Acne, Zits & Pimples From Your Face & Body
Growing up, I used to get zits – like any teenager. However, I remember this one time when I got this massive mountain of a pimple on the crease of my nose.

I remember going to the drug store the next day and getting like half a dozen “anti-acne” products to put on my face. It was a mess and all it did was then dry out my skin and aggravate things even more.

I tell you this story because at the end, I did put in a lot of time and effort trying to figure out how to have really good, clean, healthy skin.

After all, your skin is your biggest organ. Healthy skin, means a healthy body.

Healthy skin is also very attractive.

If you’re getting pimples on your body or zits on your face, then that means there’s an imbalance in your body. And as usual, the primary cause is HORMONES!

So today I’m going to quickly give the the causes of acne and then, proven solutions.

And trust me, what I’ll share with you today WORKS and it works almost every single time.

Just be patient and you’ll see the results.

Causes Of Acne
First of all, there’s never a “single cause” for anything in the body – acne is no exception to this rule. However, the 5 primary reasons are:

Hormones – the most important factor.
Bacteria – this has skin bacteria (hygiene), as well as GUT bacteria, which again – affects hormones.
Stress (emotional, mental & physical) – this again, affects your hormones.
Your Diet – yup, affects hormones.

There might be some other causes, such as drugs – but these are the top 5 and most important ones for you to fix.

Now, sometimes a person will say “but I got a zit on my forehead, there’s not hair there”. Yes, there is hair on your forehead. You have hair all over your body. It’s just some places it’s large and you can see it and other places like your forehead, it’s tiny and can only be seen with a magnifying glass.

Genetics plays a role in everything. And yes, some people just don’t have the best of skin genetics. HOWEVER, that does NOT mean that you can’t have great skin. You just have make improvements in your lifestyle, with what I’m sharing today – so you can actually turn OFF your “acne causing genes”.

Yes, many genes can be turned on or off – so, you’re not doomed.

Hormones always play a role in everything. In the pimple party on your face and body, the primary hormones are:

This is primary the male hormone, but women have it too. HOWEVER, testosterone is good. It doesn’t really cause zits. What testosterone CONVERTS to, is the real problem and that’s:

Dihydrotestosterone (DHT):
this is a known cause of acne, hair growth on the body and hair loss on the head. Men have more of this, but women have a higher % of it than men.

Then we have estrogen, the REAL problem. In men, high estrogen coupled with high male hormones (testosterone and DHT) is probably the BIGGEST cause of zits in guys. But not so much in women.

Cortisol is your stress hormones. And stress comes in many different forms — mental, emotional, physical, etc. When stress hormones go up, a lot of other hormones go down.

Taking herbs such as Phosphatidylserine, Ashwagandha, and high doses of Vit C will help lower excess cortisol.

Insulin is a hormone and this goes up, in order to lower high blood sugar levels.

This means stay away from junky carbohydrates such as sugars, sodas, breads, pastries and packaged foods.

Oh, and make sure you stay away from DAIRY – it’s one of the worst foods for causing acne. And it’s because it’s very insulinogenic and also full of hormones!

Bacteria is a major cause of pimples as well. You have the bacteria on your skin. This means you need to keep your skin CLEAN. Exfoliate and wash daily. Don’t over dry your skin either. Use clean, simple and natural cleansers.

I already covered stress. Your MINDSET is so important to your health, including causing pimples.

Yes, diet always matters because what you eat or don’t eat, affects your hormones. I’ve already gone through a bunch of suggestions.

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