👉 Eat THIS Specific Fat To Increase Your Testosterone & Improve Your Memory

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👉 Eat THIS Specific Fat To Increase Your Testosterone & Improve Your Memory
I get asked all the time, especially by older guys

How do I increase my libido and sex drive, build more muscle and lose fat?
How do I improve my memory and avoid dementia and similar brain aging diseases like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and so forth?

Of course, the same solution can’t be utilized for everyone. There are lots of factors.

However, genetics aside, there’s almost always ONE “cure-all” to fixing most health related problems and that’s to improve your hormones.

Now, this can get complicated since there are lots of hormonal interactions, optimizations and on-going balancing act. Trust me, being a hormone/endocrine doctor – I know how complicated this is.

However, the good news is as it relates to today’s topic – improving your testosterone levels IS the key because it will for sure
increase your libido, build muscle and lose belly fat…
while at the SAME time, help improve your memory and so forth.

And the best part is that by simply increasing your fat intake, will improve BOTH of these situations at the same time.

But, make sure it’s NOT fat from vegetable and seed oils, since these are high in omega 6 fats — which causes inflammation, decrease in testosterone and accelerates aging your body and brain.

In fact, your goal is to increase your SATURATED fats and more specifically, CHOLESTEROL – which is required to produce testosterone and feed your brain with Choline and other brain-healthy nutrients.

And the best source of saturated cholesterol fats is from whole eggs.

Of course, most people who eat eggs do so incorrectly and actually cause more damage than good.

You want pasteurized eggs and ideally, you want the yolk to be runny and in fact, it’s best to eat it raw like I do.

Trust me, doing it this way will dramatically help improve your hormones, brain health and longevity — IF you do it correctly as I just described.

It will also help improve your good, HDL lipoprotein and cholesterol.

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