👉Increasing Testosterone With D-Aspartic Acid – Research Reveals The Truth

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👉Increasing Testosterone With D-Aspartic Acid – Research Reveals The Truth

Today I’ll quickly discuss
What it is
The results in men who exercise and those that don’t, including my own personal experience.
The Correct dose
How to make it work better and improve results.
What Is D-Aspartic Acid
First, a quick background.

Almost every amino acid can occur in two different forms. For example, aspartic acid can be found as L-aspartic acid or D-aspartic acid. The forms have the same chemical formula, but their molecular structures are mirror images of each other

L-aspartic acid is produced in nature, including in your body, and used to build proteins. However, D-aspartic acid isn’t used to build proteins. Instead, it plays a role in making and releasing hormones in the body.1-2
This includes the increase in testosterone production and release in the testicles.3

And thus, why many companies sell D-Aspartic acid as a testosterone booster. So far, so good.
My Personal Experience With It

When I found out about D-Aspartic acid years ago and it started getting popular, I decided to give it a try. Even though I’m a doctor, I’m still like everyone else. A new supplement comes out, I go give it a try and I experiment a lot with it.

And when it first came out, it was fairly expensive.

Clinical Studies & Results
So, let’s look at the clinical studies with D-Aspartic acid. Unfortunately, it’s all over the place with mixed results.

For example, in one 12 DAY study, 20 out of 23 men saw an average increase in testosterone by 24%.4 But the study didn’t give the dose used and it was with men who don’t exercise. It didn’t give age either. So for me, this is a poor study.

In another study that lasted 90 days, with men aged 37-43, who had sub-fertility and low sperm production, the D-aspartic group experienced over a 30% increase in testosterone.5 Which is good, but keep in mind this is NOT with guys who exercise and have normal fertility.

In fact, one study found NO increase in testosterone in men who performed weight training and took D-aspartic acid for 28 days.6

What’s more, another study found that two weeks of taking a high-dose supplement of 6 grams per day actually decreased testosterone in young men who weight trained.7
Summary On Testosterone:
Based on the studies, D-aspartic acid may increase testosterone levels in inactive men. However, it has NOT been shown to boost testosterone in men who weight train.
Weight Training Results
One assumes that an increase in testosterone, will also build more muscle and increase strength.
However, studies have shown that men performing weight training experienced no increases in testosterone, strength or muscle mass when they took D-aspartic acid supplements.8-10
One study found that when men took D-aspartic acid and weight trained for 28 days, they experienced a 2.9-pound (1.3-kg) increase in lean mass. However, those in the placebo group experienced a similar increase of 3 pounds (1.4 kg) 8
What’s more, both groups experienced similar increases in muscle strength. Thus, the D-aspartic acid didn’t work any better than the placebo in this study.
A longer, three-month study also found that men who exercised experienced the same increase in muscle mass and strength, regardless of whether they took D-aspartic acid or a placebo.

The Problem With Testosterone Boosters

As I’ve stated in the past, you can’t simply increase your testosterone levels and expect it to stay that way. This is because your body has “checks and balances”.

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