📏 How To Permanently Erase Your “Love Handles” – by Dr Sam Robbins

How to turn ON your “fat burning genes” and get rid of your love handles:
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Or watch this video showing you 5 ways to turn food into muscle and not fat: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IyZLsMlysWk&list=PLkoAH5env5qVHZp3C8T1BQNuSrfnBZGzA&index=7

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📏 How To Permanently Erase Your “Love Handles” – by Dr Sam Robbins

I received a question the other day stating:
“Dr. Sam, how do I get rid of my “love handles”? Is there a way to do it permanently? It always seems to be there, no matter what I do and I’ve tried everything.”

Well, first of all – I can guarantee that you haven’t “tried everything.

And yes, there is a way to permanently remove and “erase” your love-handles and I’ll tell you how in a couple of minutes.

The love-handles are seen in both men and women, but typically more in men.

It’s that fat on the side/back of your lower abs.

They’re on top of the external oblique muscles, located right above the hip bone.

Which incidentally, most people make a huge mistake by training the oblique muscles thinking that by working them and so forth, they’ll somehow burn more fat in the area. Some kind of “spot reduction” technique or strategy.

You want to narrow your waistline, NOT make it bigger and wider… even if it’s muscle.

Additionally, doing heavy squats and deadlifts also activates the oblique muscles and thus, builds them.

This is great for performance and stability, but not for aesthetics and having a tight, narrow waist.

Simply doing regular ab work that focuses primarily on the rectus abdominis, the front of your abs, top to bottom, is all that’s needed.

Lose The Fat
I don’t know why they’re called the “love handles”, but let’s just call it what it really is – fat!

And to shrink your love handles, you need to lose fat.

Now, you can’t change your genetics, but you most certainly can make improvements in your hormones, which will help accelerate fat loss around the stomach and love-handles.

This is why some people follow the wrong diet or exercise program and they lose “weight”, but it’s not that much fat. It’s water and muscle weight. They end up looking “skinnier”, but not much leaner.

And I mention this because there are a few hormones I want you to focus on, that control stomach fat.


There are other hormones and peptides of course, such as Growth Hormone, IGF, etc…, but I want to keep it simple today.

Cortisol is one of your stress hormones. You need it to survive, but most people over secrete this hormone. We live in stressful times. Too much is going on all at once. We don’t “stop and relax” and we sleep poorly.

One of the best ways to improve cortisol levels is get better and deeper sleep. I will do an entire video about this topic in the future.

But you must manage your stress levels better.

The next hormone I want you to focus on is insulin. This is a storage hormone. Just like cortisol, you need it to survive. But, it shouldn’t be elevated all the time.

High insulin and blood sugar levels causes more belly fat, including the most harmful kind – visceral fat. Which is the fat inside your organs in the stomach, which causes protruding, pregnant belly.

So, you must manage your insulin levels and this has a lot to do with your diet. This doesn’t mean you never eat carbohydrates.

Eat natural, healthy carbs – vegetables, some fruit, small amounts of starches like white rice, yams and legumes.

Testosterone is found in both men and women, just much higher levels in men.

As men’s testosterone levels decrease, starting in his mid 20’s, his body fat starts to increase. In fact, there is a direct and strong correlation between testosterone and stomach fat.4-7

More testosterone = less stomach fat.

Higher testosterone also means a better ratio to cortisol, the stress hormone.

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