🧠 5 Popular Drugs That Cause Anxiety, Nervousness & Panic Attacks – by Dr Sam Robbins

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🧠 5 Popular Drugs That Cause Anxiety, Nervousness & Panic Attacks
Not only are drugs addictive, but as you may already know, they’re just loaded with negative side-effects.

In fact, between 2011-2017, the FDA received over 5.5 million reports of adverse problems related to prescription drugs. And I can guarantee there were many more people that didn’t report anything, even though they had negative effects.

However, what’s disturbing is that these reports also included OVER 1 million deaths!1

That’s far more than what “illegal, street” drugs cause!!!

Now, today’s topic is about 5 popular drugs known to cause anxiety, nervousness and panic attacks.

And I’m doing this topic because I recently did two separate videos entitled,
What Type Of Anxiety Do You Have & How To Fix It
How Do You Know If You Have Anxiety?… A Simple Quiz

I’ll give you links to both of these videos in a minute.

The problem with anxiety is that when you have it, you also tend to beat yourself up. It can also lead to depression. People blame themselves and think there’s something “wrong” with them.

However, the CAUSE could simply be due to an external source, such as common prescription drugs.

Thus, YOU are not the problem — these drugs may be the REAL cause of your anxiety.

So, with that said, let me quickly go over them and see if you are taking any of the following drugs or have recently within the past 12 months.

Caffeine is the most used and abused drug on the planet. It’s very powerful and one that most people take for granted and don’t even think of it as a “drug”.

Let me put it this way, Coca Cola’s original formula contained Cocaine, hence where the name “Coca” came from.

When cocaine became illegal and they needed to find an alternative, so they used caffeine as the substitute… thus, it’s very effective and powerful

Obviously, lots of “natural” products contain caffeine — coffee, energy drinks, cola’s, tea and so forth.

However, so do a few medications, especially those used for headaches and migraines.

For example, Excedrin contains aspirin, acetaminophen (Tylenol) and caffeine.

Just make sure you read the label the next time you take a pain medication, especially for your headache.
Corticosteroids are a class of steroid hormones produced in the adrenal cortex, by both men and women.

These are not like “anabolic” steroid hormones, that athletes and bodybuilders take to build muscle. These are, in fact, the opposite … they are “catabolic”.

Anabolic BUILDS and catabolic “TEARS DOWN”

You’ve probably heard of the stress hormone, Cortisol… which is a corticosteroid.

Anyway, as bad as these stress hormones are, they are vital for survival and one of the benefits they have is they help regulate inflammation.

Many drugs which treat asthma, allergies, arthritis, bronchitis and also pain, contain or are prescribed a form of Corticosteroid.

Cortisone injections or topical creams… Prednisone and Dexamethasone are all popular corticosteroid hormones in drug form.

In addition to causing weight gain, high blood sugar, hypertension and muscle loss… they also cause irritability and anxiety.

ADHD Drugs
ADHD drugs are one of the most often prescribed drugs in America. They are stimulants, an “upper”, very similar to an amphetamine.

Asthma Medications
There are actually two primary forms of asthma medications. One that gets treated with a Corticosteroid, which I discussed earlier.

Thyroid Medicine
Many people’s thyroid glands tend to be underactive and thus, “Hypothyroid”. This can happen due to aging and lack of iodine and/or tyrosine.

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