JAKE PAULCOPS ‘GOTCHA HAT’ DIAMOND PENDANT… Celebrates Floyd Mayweather Scuffle

Jake Paul is clearly doing EVERYTHING in his power to never forget his infamous scuffle with Floyd Mayweather … ’cause TMZ Sports has learned the YouTube star has now copped insane “Gotcha Hat” drip!!!

Just days after he stole Mayweather’s hat in a skirmish at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami (and got a tattoo to immortalize the occasion) … we’re told Jake hit up Suny The Jeweler at Oxford Diamonds in Atlanta to have the ice made.

And, Suny sure delivered … check out the bling — “GOTCHA” is written in huge capital letters, while a hat sits comfortably on top of it all.

We’re told the piece features approximately 20 carats of VVS diamonds with 80 grams of pure Italian solid gold … and also has Jake’s “The Problem Child” nickname inscribed on the back.

But, the most impressive part of it? The masterpiece only took a matter of weeks to complete — ’cause Jake’s tussle with Floyd just happened on May 6!!

Unclear when Jake plans to debut the bling … but one thing’s for certain, Paul’s “Gotcha Hat” shtick is clearly here to stay — and we can’t say we mind.

And, BTW, Suny isn’t only icing out Jake … he also created the diamond 1st edition Charizard card that Logan Paul rocked around his neck during his walkout to the ring at the Mayweather fight

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