Johnny Depp’s relationship with George Jung went far beyond their “Blow” connection … and it’s on display in a new docuseries about the late and infamous drug smuggler.

In this clip, Depp calls Jung, AKA Boston George, “one of my favorite people instantly” … describing their first meeting as the actor was preparing for his role in the film inspired by Jung’s life.

Chris Chesson, Executive Producer of “Boston George: Famous Without the Fortune,” says they began working on the 5-part series in December 2016, right as a parole violation sent Jung back behind bars for 8 months.

Chris says full production began in July 2017, and the crew filmed with Depp in May 2019. The rights to the completed documentary were purchased by 123 Go Films, which is shopping it to networks and streaming services.

Based on this exclusive clip, and the trailer, it seems like there should be some takers … especially on the heels of Jung passing away.

the prolific drug trafficker, who helped Pablo Escobar’s Medellin Cartel smuggle planeloads of cocaine into the U.S., died Wednesday morning at his Boston area home at the age of 78.

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