A guilty conviction and a prison sentence won’t be enough to rehabilitate R. Kelly, but it’s not too late for his supporters to see the light … so says one of Kelly’s victims.

We got Faith Rodgers and Gloria Allred outside The Ivy in Los Angeles, after Faith spoke out for the first time since Kelly’s conviction in his federal sex crimes case, and our photog asked if Kelly can turn his life around.

Faith doesn’t seem to have a lot of faith in rehabilitating R. Kelly … because she thinks he won’t take accountability for his actions.

Faith’s outlook is more pessimistic than Akon’s … remember, Akon believes there’s still a road to redemption for Kelly, as long as he reevaluates his life choices and talks to God.

Either way, the system’s going to try … Kelly’s scheduled to be sentenced in May, and he’s looking at 10 years to life after being found guilty on all 9 counts.

Faith also tells us if she’s planning to be there in person when Kelly learns his fate … and she’s got a message for the Black community and anyone who still supports Kelly.

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