Police in our nation’s capital are gearing for the upcoming rally at the Capitol … with plans to send officers out in droves to protect DC and prevent anything like January 6 from happening again.

Sources within Capitol Police, there’s an all-hands-on-deck policy, with all field officers expected to show up for the protest so they won’t be outmanned and underprepared like they were back on that fateful day in January.

We’re told officers will get an official briefing Friday on strategy for the September 18 rally … and Capitol Police brass are expected to field questions from the rank and file.

As we’ve reported … many CPD officers have been angry for a long time about leadership not having a set game plan for a potential repeat of January 6. We’re told many of them see today’s briefing as a good first step.

Our sources say officers will seek answers regarding use of lethal force, and whether to retreat or fight back if perimeter fences and barriers are breached?

D.C. Metro Police are also getting prepared for the Sept. 18 rally, activating the entire department of 3,300 officers … something that did not happen on Jan. 6.

We’re told officers who did work during the insurrection are expected to work this upcoming rally too — despite the trauma they endured — but higher-ups are encouraging therapy sessions leading up to the rally.

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