Taylor Swift die-hards are paving the way for her highly anticipated re-release of her sophomore album, “Fearless” … making sure a certain Big Machine doesn’t get in the way.

If you haven’t heard, Taylor’s been in an all-out war with her former label over her masters, and has decided to re-record her original songs and albums and release them again … and “Fearless: Taylor’s Version” drops Friday.

Big Machine Records
So, a hoard of Swifties out there are banding together to make the OG “Fearless” album disappear … on Spotify at least.

The Twitter account — Taylor Swift Updates — has a how-to guide to hiding all the Big Machine versions of her albums and songs on Spotify … ensuring that Swift’s fans automatically get the re-records.

It’s pretty simple, albeit a little time-consuming, but for Swifties who want to heed Taylor’s call to stop supporting her old albums and devote their ears to her re-releases … it’s pretty much mandatory.

As we’ve told you … the first step in Swift’s campaign was releasing her redo of “Love Story” back in February — the smash hit from “Fearless” — and if its success was any indication, Friday is going to be a very big day.

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